Well well well, where has all the time gone. It’s been quite some time since I last posted something on this page. Thing is, I found something on twitter which motivated me to grab my keyboard and hack away. Turns out that guy was asking people to post a mixtape of their respective muscal tastes when they were 16.The hashtag this goes with is #Mixtapemit16.

Now this sounds a lot like fun and, I have to admit, I had to dig deep to unearth some gems which I lost track of.

I should say that I didn’t pay any attention to the length of the tracks, so they might not fit on a 90 minute cassette.

Oh, and, don’t hate me for writing in crappy English, but since I started this blog in English I though I might just stick with it.

But, without further ado, here’s mine.

Side A

Inferno – Tod und Zerstörung

Back then I was fortunate enough to have a childhood friend whose brothers were heavily involved in the punk/hc/squat scene in Cologne, so he always copied his brothers’ records and gave the tapes to me. Inferno have stuck with me ever since. I first heard this on the infamous “Kampftrinker Stimmungshits” compilation and I was hooked instantly.

Slime – Demokratie

I first took notice of Slime on the “Die Letzten” compilation and and I was lucky enough to watch the live on their reunion tour in 1993. This song will always stay with me, especially because of the catchy bass riff at the start. And the chorus, of course. Something you can sing along to, whether you’re 16 or 40.

Daily Terror – Bundeswehr

The full length on which this song is included was being played over and over again. There were a lot songs about the German army back then and being 16 and facing the draft (back then every German male had to enroll with the army or serve a social service) this song made a lot of sense.

Die Ärzte – Zu spät

If there was ever one band to piss off your parents it had to have been Die Ärzte. Their infamous songs were banned in Germany for some time. Although they were always considered a punk band (which they still are) they were, I think, one of the few bands I listened to back then who had decent love songs. This is their best one.

Die Toten Hosen – Liebeslied

I have to admit Die Toten Hosen were the first punk band I listened to when I was in 6th grade. The lyrics of this song always stuck with me because it always felt like we were always marching on a demonstration to overthrow the government.

Abstürzende Brieftauben – Lovesong

Neonazism was on the rise and a lot of bands were writing antifascist songs, but I always liked this one best, because it tackled the problem with humour. The song is a covertune of an early 1980s Neue Deutsche Welle song, they just changed the lyrics.

Normahl – Fraggles

While politics and discussions dominated our lives a cold beer every now and then (or maybe even more often) was fine as well. And this was one of our anthems while passing out.

Die Goldenen Zitronen – Porsche, Genscher, HSV

Only with time I found out about the versatility and complexity of Die Goldenen Zitronen. Back then they were just another fun-punk band with the weirdest title of a record ever.

Heiter Bis Wolkig – Hey Rote Zora

Speaking of fun, Heiter Bis Wolkig were the stand up comedy of Colonian punkrock. Their annual christmas show at the Rhenania was legendary. And although there were some strange rumours when they split up this song is yet another example that you have to be able to laugh about yourself and what you’re doing in order to achieve something.

The Clash – Safe European Home

Ever since I got my hands on the “The Story Of The Clash” compilation this has been one of my favourite songs. And only with time I understood what it’s all about. And by doing so I like it even better.

Nirvana – Breed

My age group has to have a song from “Nevermind” on a mixtape, hasn’t it? This record was a revelation and it paved the way for everything we see and hear today. Without them there would still be no guitar music on the radio. Face it, when this record came out the world changed. Drastically.

Side B

Dead Kennedys – Holiday In Cambodia

One of the first foreign punkbands I was introduced to and I could have chosen any song from the “Fresh Fruit For Rotten Vegetables” album, but the groove and the drive of this one is unrivaled.

Bad Religion – Heaven Is Falling

I first saw the Bad Religion sign on Mille Petrozza’s guitar but “Generator” was the first album I listened to. The other one’s followed suit rather quickly. Granted, the band has fallen off my radar for quite some time now, but all the records up until “Generator” are on my all time favourite list.

Pennywise – Wouldn’t It Be Nice

A friend at school gave me a tape with the first Pennywise full length on it and right from the first song I was into it. Energy, pure force, with catchy melodies.

Gang Green – Alcohol

I think the flipside of that aforementioned tape had Gang Green on it and, well, it’s a classic. Hey, they’re going to be on tour in Europe.

Fugazi – Merchandise

I had the fortune to see Fugazi play live at the Rhenania (Entrance was 14,- DM), but I also have to admit that I was pretty disappointed because the band was lacking action and forbid people to stage-dive. Only with time was I able to appreciate them.

House Of Suffering – Nicht Die Spur Einer Chance

House Of Suffering were the local support act for that Fugazi show and back then I was so proud to find out there were punk bands in Cologne as well.

Ramones – Bonzo Goes To Bitburg

Seriously, I could have chosen any Ramones song, but this one is my favourite. It could be because I remember the uproar when Reagan and Kohl went to Bitburg. It could also be the bells in the background. It could also be because it’s one of the few very politically outspoken Ramones songs I remember.

Negu Gorriak – Gora Herria

If you’re talking about crossover, you have to talk about Negu Gorriak. Saw them live twice and both shows were an absolute blast. Add their political stance to it and you had a fascinating brew. My guess is were they still around today they’d be the topic of a lot of discussions.

Obituary – The End Complete

Obituary, Napalm Death and Dismember were the second show ever I went to. And not having any lyrics was pretty cool at the time.

Sodom – Ausgebombt

Sodom will stick with me until the end. As for punk metal it can’t get any better than this.

Metallica – Disposable Heroes

It had to be “Master of Puppets“, and it had to be this song. Theme, melody, riffing, breaks, it’s perfect as it is.

Megadeth – Holy Wars

…and if you mention Metallica, you have to throw in Megadeth as well. Hey, you should search for what Marty Friedman is doing today. You’ll be slightly surprised.

Sepultura – Arise

To close things out probably the best death thrash record ever recorded.

So, this was it. This was mine. There are uncountable bands I did not include, but you can’t have ’em all.

What’s your’s?

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