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There’s records you have been waiting for since the day their release date was announced. And then there’s records you just stumble on. They happen to cross your path while you flip through some letter or the new arrivals. And then there’s records that give you the feeling like, after all those years, you met a friend again. Not a close one, but someone you always liked when he or she was around. Back in the days. Those memories feel good, even today. And the two records I bought last weekend represent all those things. (more…)


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This was a very pleasant surprise. I was searching for music and stumbled across a Greek website which offers free downloads of some long out of print or not very well known Greek bands. Now the reason I found this site is because I was looking for the records of Free Yourself. I own all their stuff on vinyl but while moving with the flow of time it’s rather inconvenient to carry around a portable record player. (more…)

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