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This was something I wanted to do in a long time but never quite had the right chance to set into action. Ever since I heard that there was a new squat I was pretty excited, because things like that don’t happen around here that often anymore. So when at the beginning of this year there was a huge stand-off between the cops and the squatters, which I only followed through Twitter (boy, at times like those these new things really come in handy, don’t they?) I figured that I had to hurry to catch at least a glimpse of that venue. It turned out that squatters were able to reach some form of agreement with the company who owns the building complex and so, if I remember it correctly they will be allowed to stay in the building at least until October. What got me to move my ass over the Rhine was the release show of Cologne’s part-time alcoholics punk/hardcore kings Cobretti, who I hand’t seen in quite some time. (more…)


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It felt it had been quite some time since I last had the chance to get out of my everyday grind and just attend a show somewhere. But now that I flip through the entries of this page I am suddenly aware that it hasn’t been as long as I had expected. Only three months? It felt like forever. There are just so many, what I would call, missed chances. Concerts I couldn’t go to, because they took place during the week and my work wouldn’t allow me to be out late. This one however had two reasons why I had to be there. No actually three. First, it was on a Friday evening. Second, my work schedule for the week allowed me to get enough sleep to reallz enjoy this. And third, since my ex-band was playing a hometown show I figured I just had to go. (more…)

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