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Because of all the hype around the German national football team people tend to forget or not realize that there is a whole age group missing at the party. If you look at who played during the last Euro championship there are players who are in their early twenties and some who are already in their thirties. What’s entirely missing is the generation/age group of players around the age of 27-29. While this is something that is of no importance to the German team at all it is still somewhat interesting to see that this generation is not nominated to the national team.

Why is that? Is it because there is noone playing professional football who is a member of that generation? Is it because the players in that generation are simply not talented enough to be nominated to the German national team? (more…)


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Spot the words that don’t seem to go along in the headline. Hello?! I mean, Austria?! You have to be kidding me. Austria’s biggest success was beating the reigning world champions Germany in the 1978 World Cup at Cordoba. A match that the still remember down south. Since then they haven’t achieved anything. They qualified for a few World Cups and Euro Championships, but always crashed out in the group stages. Since being named the co-hosts for next years Euro 2008 they played more like the team that lost to the Faroer Islands in some Qualifying rounds for some major competition in the 1990s. (more…)

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Summer can be one of the most boring seasons during the whole year since there are almost no football matches taking place. Fortunately there are international competitions elsewhere to get one over the summer. In South America the Copa América is on at the moment with Brazil and Argentina playing the final on Sunday. In Canada the U20 World Cup has entered the knock out stages. And in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam the AFC Championship has kicked off last weekend. (more…)

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