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I quit Arktika in 2010 and, although we never officially announced our disbandment,  amodestproposal played their last show in 2009. And ever since that time, not counting one very brief stay in Mannheim, I have not picked up my instrument again. Things happen and it just wasn’t meant to be, it seems. Do I miss it? Not really, at least not on a constant basis. It’s not that I feel bad about things. But in flashes, in short moments, the urge to pick up my bass and play some patterns and chords, returns. Those short flashes usually come from a record I’ve been listening to. Or maybe a movie I’ve been watching. Both happened it the past few weeks. (more…)


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We had this planned rather spontaneously since the guy where we want to record four new songs was closing his recording studio by the end of October. So we took the chance to give it a try with such a short time in advance. See, our main problem as a band is that we are very slow in recording songs. God knows why, but we set a timetable each time we recorded a record and each time we failed to keep it and we had to add extra days to finish off the whole thing. So two days for four songs seemed to look as if they were enough, but you’ll never know. (more…)

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