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The last time I posted an article in this section … heck, that was almost 2 years ago. Lots has changed since then. One thing that’s very important is that I moved into a new flat and now I finally have space for new records again! Which is why I went on a shopping spree the other day and this is what I found: (more…)

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When I heard about punkrock in the beginning of the 1980s as a small child the guys with mohawks and leather jeackets looked threatening to me. Dangerous people you shouldn’t deal with, that’s what my parents used to say jokingly. Still when I started listening to the music and went to my first few shows it turned out that those things were highly exaggerated. It was different from normal concerts and scenes, I guess, but it wasn’t as dangerous as I expected it to be. Still there used to be an exciting atmosphere before shows. A feeling that you didn’t know what to expect from the concert. Anything could happen. From funny things to fights. This changed over the years as shows became more streamlined and predictable. Not that nothing happened afterwards, but the feeling before a show changed. Maybe it’s because things really calmed down, but maybe it’s also because I had gotten used to going to a lot of shows and by doing so I experienced a lot of things. There were no surprises left, it seemed.


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