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I believe ever since women and men started competing in the same sports there has always been talk about how women would fare against male opponents. This led to such strange suggestions that women football players such as German international Birgit Prinz should sign a contract with a male football team.  While that will be impossible because of the deficits women have when they play against male competition, a young japanese girl is competing against men in an independent league in the south of Japan. (more…)


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When watching the repeat broadcast on the MBS site the most annoying thing to me at the moment ist the commercial for the new “Full Metal Alchemist” movie at the end of each half inning. I really loved the series when it came out a few years ago, but this is getting on my nerves quite a bit. Well, it’s just that, so it shouldn’t be that much of a problem. Good news for the semifinals and the final game as the MBS site announces that there will be live coverage for those three games for free. Unfortunately that won’t make a difference to me as those games will start in the middle of the night over here. (more…)

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