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I was finally able to attend a show again yesterday, so I was really looking forward to this one, although the bands are not on top of my list at all. I had seen Young Livers before and I have one record by Bridge And Tunnel, so I was kind of prepared as to what I had to expect. I never heard anything of Rockwell though, a local band from Cologne and Bonn. (more…)


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I don’t really know but the last time I went out to buy some records I wasn’t that pleased with my choice after a few days. I still don’t know why I bought some records a month ago. Really strange, usually I don’t really care about things like that that much. So this time I chose wisely … or, well, at least I tried, haha… (more…)

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It has been quite some time since I have been to two shows on two days straight. The reason for such a long intervall inbetween such occansions is simple: there basically aren’t that many good shows in Cologne and the surrounding cities anymore. At least no shows that would interested me enough to go there. Last night was different though.


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