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Arifureta Kiseki
Every time I see a dorama featuring Nakama Yukie I have the feeling that at some point she will either put on a red training suit or she will talk to the camera and say “fight-o!”, that’s how much I like the Gokusen series. This one is different though, a lot more serious that the silly stuff that goes on in Gokusen. Nakama plays a young women who works at a cooking school and finds herself at the train station one day observing a man (Jinnai Takanori) who is behaving strangely. As the train approaches the station the man moves forward to the edge of the platform and looks like he is trying to throw himself in front of the locomotive. Just as Nakama’s character tries to stop him a man (Kase Ryo) rushes past her and pushes back the suicide attempting man. That’s how their life’s cross and the story of the dorama is how they slowly start to cope with each other. A very slow moving story with great acting from great actors. (7,5/10)


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