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I usually buy records because of one or two tracks on it I really like. Sometimes it’s a song I heard the band play live, sometimes it’s something I listened to on our local college radio station. But very seldomly a record stuns me for the full time it’s playing on my turntable. Now I don’t own a vast amount of records, but still I think it can be considered enough to call it a “collection”. And all those “pretentious assholes” like me know that you can’t listen to your entire collection all the time, so you pick out certain songs from certain records. So it’s pretty unusual that I listen to a record constantly for a long period of time. But that’s exactly what happened with this gem.



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15 years ago the Bürgerzentrum Ehrenfeld aka BüZe, a venue run by the city council of Cologne back then, was setting out to become the focus of hardcore shows in the city. I was invited by a friend to come along to see Agnostic Front and Madball at the beginning of 1993, two bands I had only heard about recently before going to the show. (more…)

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This was a very pleasant surprise. I was searching for music and stumbled across a Greek website which offers free downloads of some long out of print or not very well known Greek bands. Now the reason I found this site is because I was looking for the records of Free Yourself. I own all their stuff on vinyl but while moving with the flow of time it’s rather inconvenient to carry around a portable record player. (more…)

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