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I don’t really know how I got into baseball anyway. Back in the 1990s there was a german sports channel on cable television which was showing the World Series between the Twins and the Braves and I was casually watching this as it happened to be the only sports broadcast on TV. But it never fascinated me to the extent that I tried to follow results or even pick up a bat or a glove myself.



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While browsing through the listings at WordPress I came across an article dealing with the prelimenary stages of the Summer Koushien Baseball High School Tournament. A very interesting one. I had read a few articles by the same author on another blog called East Windup Chronicle, a great site if you are interested in Asian baseball and Asian culture. I always enjoy reading the articles there a lot. (more…)

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After waking up today I watched two games from Japan. First up was a match at Koushien Stadium where Aomori Yamada played against Seiko Gakuin. This was an interesting game with both teams being in a deadlock in the first few innings. But then a grand slam homerun for Seiko Gakuin in the 5th broke up the tie and sent them up 4-0. Aomori Yamada would score as well in the remaining innings, but they faied to capitalize on a loaded bases situation in the top of the 9th when their clean up hitter and pitcher struck out in three straight pitches. Seiko Gakuin won 6-4. (more…)

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