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Somehow I didn’t have the time to write anything during the past few weeks so I thought I might start things of with a little rundown on the records I purchased over that timespan. Well, my oh my, there’s a lot to talk about and honestly I can’t even remember when I got all that stuff. I must have been really busy… Anyway, here we go (more…)


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Chuck Ragan “Feast Or Famine” LP
Chuck Ragan “Los Feliz” LP
Chuck Ragan & Austin Lucas “Bristle Ridge” LP
Now everybody kept telling me I should go and buy these records because what Mr Ragan is doing on his own sounds so great and fantanstic. To be honest, I had never been a huge Hot Water Music fan throughout the years. Sure, their music was okay to me, I own one or two records, their live shows were good … but I never really fell for them in a way that some of my friends did. To me they were always just a decent band with one or two hit songs. Nothing more, nothing less. Still I have to admit that I really liked Rumbleseat, the acoustic country sideproject. Rough yet very gentle at times and I guess that’s what I was looking for when I got myself the records of Mr Ragan. In a way it is a bit like Rumbleseat but then on the other hand it isn’t at all. It has a huge touch of folk music feeling to it. But because of his voice he manages to make it sound rather punk-ish. So if you are fed up with Rocky Votolato’s rather clean recordings, then this might be a treat. I like both of them though. (more…)

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