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It’s been quite some time since I last paid a visit to my local record store, mainly because I spent a lot of money on my trip to the far east. But also because I had no idea as to what new records were out there. So during my last two shopping sprees there I found those…



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Finally I was able to go on a shopping spree again since I didn’t have any time over the past few weeks being occupied with work every day and having put so much things I really needed to do on my weekends. But today I went out to the record store and this is what I got… (more…)

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Ever since a friend of mine advised me to listen to a band called Jesu I have been absolutely thrilled with what this British group has put out on records. Now I have never been that much into Godflesh, the famous band of mastermind Justin K Broadrick preceding Jesu, but I constantly read about them in various metal magazines while I was was listening to a lot more metal than I do now. Names like Napalm Death always had a meaning to me, but somehow I never cared about Godflesh. Well, at one point, as I said, a friend said that I should give Jesu records a try because this was way different from what I had been listening to at that point. (more…)

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