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We had this planned rather spontaneously since the guy where we want to record four new songs was closing his recording studio by the end of October. So we took the chance to give it a try with such a short time in advance. See, our main problem as a band is that we are very slow in recording songs. God knows why, but we set a timetable each time we recorded a record and each time we failed to keep it and we had to add extra days to finish off the whole thing. So two days for four songs seemed to look as if they were enough, but you’ll never know. (more…)


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This was a very pleasant surprise. I was searching for music and stumbled across a Greek website which offers free downloads of some long out of print or not very well known Greek bands. Now the reason I found this site is because I was looking for the records of Free Yourself. I own all their stuff on vinyl but while moving with the flow of time it’s rather inconvenient to carry around a portable record player. (more…)

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