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Because I was supposed to work on new years day I knew I was about to save some money. Which is nice on the one hand, because I get to spend it on something else. On the other hand that meant getting up in the middle of the night at 5:00 in the morning without getting any sleep because of the fireworks and the celebrations which were going own in the streets. Anyway, I took the chance to visit the record store yesterday. (more…)


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I haven’t been to a hardcore show like this in a long long time, so I didn’t really know what to expect. Usually Cologne doesn’t host shows where people do the kickboxing dance moves, it never has. Cologne always was more of a punkrock city, hardcore was done by the guys slightly up north. Though strangely enough in the middle of the 1990s someone tried to set up hardcore shows at the BüZe Ehrenfeld. Name some New York hardcore band, they surely must have played there. (more…)

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