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One great thing about going to punk and hardcore shows is that you’ll never know in which venue you are going to end up. I have seen shows at the strangest places in and outside of buildings. So it wasn’t really a surprise to find out that this show was taking place at the German equivalent of a bowling alley. There’s a slight difference from what’s known to the world as bowling though as “Kegeln” has 10 9 pins and the ball has no holes to grip it. German “Kegelbahnen” (bowling alleys) are usually infamous for their visitors as this is one of the most conservative sports in Germany. The players are rather blue collar type of people with a very low class humour and a great thirst for beer which is why a lot of Kegel-games deal with how much someone has to drink when he loses the game. So this was the setting for yet another great show set up by the guys and girls of Hit & Run.


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