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From now on I won’t be able to write about the games on a regular basis as my work schedule changed back to normal. I had some problems getting out of bed today and I definetely didn’t get enough sleep last night. Still I was surprised to find the last game of today still up and running. I didn’t expect that to happen.  In the meantime be sure to check out what Deanna has to say about her trip to Koushien. She’s also got some very nice pictures there (as always). I think I like the one of those two Nihon Bunri players best.  And for the Inning-by-inning reports go to the always hard working Goro Shigeno‘s site. (more…)


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Some important news first up: I have to admit I was a bit surprised to find out that PL Gakuen’s spring tournament star player Nakano was left off the roster for the Summer Koushien. No information on whether that was injury related or not. Anyway, things got under way last night and I wasn’t able to catch any game live because I was way too tired. I don’t know if this was in place last year, but the tournament’s website features a nice roundup-page, with highlight clips from all the games. Each clip is about five minutes long and shows all the runs, some important outs, great defensive plays and usually the last outs of the game. (more…)

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