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So I finally got to watch a game of this year`s Koushien summer tournament and it was a pleasure to discuss the action on the field with the people at the japanesebaseball.com chatroom. because of my work I won`t be able to watch any game at all, I believed, but last night everything fell into place and I was able to enjoy a feirly interesting game, albeit just until the later innings. (more…)


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rifuThe last day with three games on one day and we are getting closer and closer to the final rounds of the tournament. I am still completely astonished by yesterday’s stellar performance of PL Gakuen‘s Nakano. And because of that I forgot to inculde the link to the wonderful inning-by-inning reports of Goro Shigeno. He’s doing a great job keeping all of us up-to-date it’s almost as if you are listening to a radio broadcast. (more…)

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I know I have been a little sloppy over the past few days and I sincerly apologize for that. Part of that had to do with a flu that got me right for the start of my holidays which began on Monday, so I was lying in bed most of the time. The other part is that it took me until yesterday evening to figure out how the MBS website worked this year around (just click the inning and that’s it. Duh!). Yup, that’s how dumb I was. I tend to but all the blame on my illness, but I guess I was just blind.


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