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I am still a bit under the influence of Sunday’s football match I watched at the stadium in which Fortuna Cologne got a red card in the very first minute of play. Hilarious. Also a fan fell down the terraces at Aachen‘s new stadium while the home team was losing to St. Pauli 0-5.
Somehow I haven’t reverted my usual sleeping rhythm back to normal so I would have been able to watch some of last night’s games. But had I done that I wouldn’t be standing here today. Unfortunately the only way to catch a few glimpses of last night’s action came through the highlights. (more…)


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NPBTracker posted a great article about the different approach on pitch counts. Now I have never thrown a baseball, so I don’t know anything about how fast your arm will tire if you keep on throwing for a long time, but I just don’t see the point of taking out a pitcher as soon as a certain number of pitches is reached. Especially when the guy on the mound keeps throwing good stuff. I my opinion you rob yourself of winning a game if you hand it over to another pitcher. (more…)

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