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Today Germany is awaiting what looks like to be the hottest day of the year so far. Weather forecast predicted temeratures of around 37°C which I personally believe is way too much if you have to work in an office. Still it has to be even harder to play a sport under such conditions and considering the humidity in Japan I believe I don’t want to trade places with the boys playing in Osaka.
Meanwhile Deanna put the 2nd part of her trip to Koushien up on her blog. Some nice pictures there again. Don’t expect her to talk about the weather though.
Talking about the games today saw another stellar appearance by Hamanaki Higashi‘s ace 3rd year Yuusei Kikuchi, probably the player who gets most of the attention and who will likely be the star of the tournament. (more…)


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The nightshifts of the past week finally caught up with me and sent me to bed early last night so I wasn’t able to watch a complete game at all. I sticked around long enough to catch a glimpse of the PL Gakuen game though and I was very impressed by the turnout at the stadium. The game started at 8:30 am local time at Osaka and the place was packed. PL Gakuen is the Osaka prefecture representative, of course, but I didn’t expect so many people to show up at such an early time. If this was taking place here people would still be in bed at such a time. (more…)

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