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I didn’t have a chance to watch the whole game, but the first few innings of the Kouryo vs Miyazaki Kougyou game were pretty exciting. The first thing that struck me were the unusual mechanics both pitchers had when they were throwing to home plate. During the first inning Kouryo’s starter Arihara (I hope I got the name right) looked almost untouchable, looking like he was going to strike out two batters on six pitches. The way he carried on seems to have been fantastic as he was pitching a perfect game until the 5th inning. His counterpart wasn’t bad either as both were exchanging zeros until the 9th inning when things started to fall apart. (more…)


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One of the problems a fan of Japanese high school baseball faces in Germany is the time difference. There are no night games at Koushien, so most of the games take place in the middle of the night German time. Which means in order to get to see at least one game during the first few days of the tournament one has to wake up pretty early. Which was what I did yesterday and I was very pleased to find out that one of the powerhouses of high school baseball in Japan, Osaka Toin, had just started their game. (more…)

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