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Since A Modest Proposal got back together at the end of last year we reahearsed a lot more than during the previous two years. We even wrote new songs. And we even have a show we will play. Now that’s progress. Our record will be out this summer eventually after three long years and this has given us a boost when it comes to rehearsing. So Batman drove up from Mannheim on Sunday and we played for about three hours with the last 30 minutes being spend on recording a set of songs we would like to perform at our next gig. (more…)


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When I was coming back from a very successful and refreshing rehearsal session with my bandmates I found some messages from two friends that there was a show at Cologne’s No. 1 punkrock bar Sonic Ballroom and that both of them were planning to go there. So we met up at the club and hung out before the show. (more…)

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