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Somewhow I feel a little sorry for the boys of Jyousuikan and Kochi. They were sent out yesterday again and right from the start it didn’t look like they were going to finish this one in time either. However they were able to bring in 4 complete innings with a score of 6-5 in Jyousuikan‘s favour. Lot’s of errors, of course, but I take it that those happened due to the very hard conditions on the field. Jyousuikan changed pitchers in the 4th while Kochi stuck with their ace.
Anyway, they will try to make up all the games today. I don’t really know the schedule, but I think they will start at 08:30 am Osaka time and then continue from there. When I was looking at the weather forecast things didn’t look bright. By the way, Patrick of NPBTracker tweets that it’s the first time since 1975 that two consecutive days have been rained out.
If I read this article in Nikkan Sports (Japanese) correctly the game between Jyousuikan and Kochi will be scheduled as the fourth game for Tuesday. They will reshufle the order a little bit, starting with Tohoka Tachibana 常葉橘 (Shizuoka) vs Ashigawadai 旭川大 (Kita Hokkaido) followed by Nagano Nichidai 長野日大 (Nagano) vs Sakushin Gakuin 作新学院 (Tochigi) and Tenri 天理 (Nara) vs Nanto Sougou Fukuno 南砺総合福 (Toyama).

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