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Back at the end of the 1990s there were quite a few bands coming over from America who I had never heard of before. Actually, I had never heard of the name of the sound they were making either. I was completely new to this so called emo craze, although the name struck a chord with me. Still I considered emo to be something completely different, much more aggressive and hostile that the college rock that was starting to grow bigger and bigger back then. At the highest point of the underground boom Underdog Recordstore set up a two day festival at the “Rhenania” on the banks of the river Rhine with the big names in the business. One day Jimmy Eat World were headlining, the next day it was Hot Water Music. Also playing was the prime of the German scene, especially Reno Kid, Germany’s answer to Mineral.


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Some time ago when my first paycheck arrived I finally was able to spend some money on records again. Somehow it’s strange because a few months ago I was a regular customer at the store and was pretty much up to date with what records were out and I was pretty sure about what I was looking for. But this time it was different because I hadn’t been there in such a long time. So this is what I got this time. (more…)

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