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The news broke rather silently but Fortuna Köln finally got the license for the NRW-Liga which means that they will be rewarded the promotion spot they lost in their last game of the season against VfL Leverkusen. Still things are not that safe. Leverkusen objected to the ruling and now the whole thing is back with the sports law courts. Honestly this is dragging on for far too long now. the teams need to prepare for the next season and even if there aren’t the ridiculous amounts of money involved that are being dealt with in the top leagues it’s still shameful. (more…)


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There has been only one topic in the the German media and that is the suspension of coach Joachim “Jogi” Löw after the game against Austria. Here’s a small recap: towards the end of the first half Löw and his Austrian counterpart Josef “Beppi” Hickersberger were arguing with the 4th official about them being hindered in doing their job. While Uefa thinks this argument got a little out of hand both coaches insist that they had nothing going on their and were just angry with how the 4th official was dealing with them. The accusation, according to the Uefa officials, is that both men were wandering around in their coaching zone. I beg your pardon, what’s that chalk marked cage good for if not to walk insde of it? (more…)

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