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As promised it’s all over the place. Damn, how many times did I have to listen to this nervewrecking radio broadcast from the 70’s. You know, those broadcasts still done by phone? The German media is so predictable. I was also watching the press conference of the German team today and it is always astonishing how they make a fuzz out of nothing. The reporters ask questions, the coaches and the players answer and in the end nothing comes out of it. The only hardly important information was that both Lukas Podolski and Philipp Lahm are both set to play in tomorrow’s match against Austria. but apart from that it was just hot air all the way. (more…)


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Seems to be the big thing in this season as it is yet another Kimura Takuya drama. This time he plays the son a member of parliament whose father and brother die in an accident which leaves him as the natural successor. Problem is that he hates politics and wants to continue teaching at an elementary school. But he gets persuaded, wins the by-election and through some misfortunes and accidents becomes the new prime minister of Japan. This is rather unrealistic, of course, and the message the series is trying to bring across is rather blunt. But the way they portray the new prime minister as someone who listens to the people and cares for their sorrows and worries is done very nicely and not too obvious. (more…)

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