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It seems that the aweful weather took a turn up north and ended up in Cologne because it was pouring all day today. If you have to rely on your bike to go somewhere that can be hard at times. So I was soaking wet when I arrived at work today.
The big news came from England and one could get the impression that they wanted to remind the rest of Europe they are still there. Portugal coach Luis Felipe Scolari will be the new manager at Stanford Bridge next season which means that Chelsea FC will have another top level coach again. This is interesting because I don’t think that the timing was so great. I wonder how his Portugese team will react to the news since I cannot remember anything about him cancelling his contract with the Portugese FA. For Chelsea it’s as good as it gets. They have a new coach who is considered to be one of the best in the business and if you saw the Portugese victory over the Czech Republic you know why. (more…)

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