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Just in case anyone is wondering why I didn’t write anything about last weekend’s round of Bundesliga matches, well, I didn’t really feel like writing anything about it because nothing special happened. At least nothing which I thought was worth mentioning. So instead I will write a little something about last night’s international friendly between Switzerland and Germany. Switzerland of course being the co-hosts of this year’s Euro championship weren’t very convincing in their last outings and they weren’t any better yesterday. Although this first half was rather boring Germany went ahead 1-0 and then outclassed their opponents the the second half by scoring three times. Stuttgart striker Mario Gomez was brilliant and everywhere, while the rest of the team was rather uninspired. There were flashes of that fine play that brought Germany into the World Cup semis and to the Euro, but they weren’t nearly as dominating as the used to be. And this might be because of some players really delaying the game by playing too selfishly. (more…)


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I have to admit that I have been very anxious for the baseball season to start again and spring training games haven’t had a great placebo effect on me. So I gladly accepted the opportunity to watch the season opening game from Tokyo between the Athletics and the Red Sox at a decent time. It was 11 AM in Germany so I was able to watch a few innings before I had to leave for work. I twas nice to watch, some nice defensive plays and hits, some shaky pitching by homecoming Matsuzaka Daisuke at the beginning, and a nice outcome for the Red Sox with a 6-5 win in extra innings. (more…)

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