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I finally made it to my local record dealer again last week and this is what found there:

MONO Gone (A Collection Of EPs 2000-2007) 3xLP
This was the record I want to buy at my visit to the store and, boy oh boy, this is a gem. A triple LP set in a wonderful gatefold cover, really thick vinyl, brilliant artwork, this is just great. I know I won’t put this one on my turntable that often, but I really love the music. It’s a collection of some of their EP and compilation tracks, just pure MONO music. Loud, quiet, very dynamic, a great variety. I just love the way they create an atmosphere in which you can endulge and by the time ou are sucked into it it suddenly changes and they do something new and unexpected. This band really is great. On record as well as on stage. (more…)


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Unfortunately I wasn’t able to watch last night’s final, but from what one can read in the newspapers it wasn’t a beautiful game so I guess I didn’t miss much. Still I think it’s okay that South Africa won the Cup since they have been the team who have been playing most consistently over the past few weeks. True, they had their moment in the pool match against England and after that they kind of lost their momentum a little bit. But their style of Rugby looked by far more convincing than the brutal will England forced upon their opponents. With the other two southern hemisphere giants out of the tournament it was only natural that the Springboks took home the trophy. (more…)

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The Boston Red Sox came back after being down 1-3 beating Cleveland in the last two matches and therefore getting a final and decisive Game 7 at Fenway Park. Beckett and Shilling were the winning pitchers in Game 5 and 6 and J.D. Drew, the man some labeled as the biggest disappointment for the Red Sox this season turned up the offense with a grand slam homerun in the first inning of last night game. (more…)

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