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When I watched a rugby match for the first time the year was 1995 and the World Cup was taking place in South Africa. I didn’t have any idea about what the game was about, I didn’t know the rules, but I had a lot of fun watching the match on my telly. I can’t even remember what game it was, but a lot of points were scored and one team was dominating their opponents.
When I watched the RWC in 1999 I had a little idea about the game and the different levels of play on the world stage. There were very good teams, good teams and teams who just can’t keep up with the rest. I saw crushing defeats for smaller nations and close games between the top teams. So I noticed the huge gap between the first and the second row of rugby teams.
Then in 2003 the RWC was shown on German TV, at least some matches, and I was still able to see 100+ point matches of the big names against smaller teams. (more…)

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