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So the first round of games was done over the weekend and tonight saw the start of the 2nd day of playing in the Rugby World Cup and so far there have been a few surprises along the way. It seems as if Rugby nowadays is a little bit like football on a world cup level 20 years back from now. The smaller nations seem to be able to keep up with the big names for the most of the first half. but after the change they seem to crumble because of the lack of fitness and strength. Wales was struggling against Canada who were carrying a lead to half time only to be shelled 42-17 by the final whistle. The “Eagles” of the USA were playing very well against England only to give in during the 2nd half. Samoa was holding firm against South Africa over a long time only to have their necks broken by the end. (more…)


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There usually comes a time – and it happens around every one or two months – when I just drop by at our local record store and flip through the stands of vinyl. I usually go there with the purpose of buying at least one particular record which has been on my radar for quite some time. But most of the time I buy some more, because I stuble across this one record I have been looking for for a long time. Or this other one which just came out and I just happen to have enough money to buy that one as well. So things keep piling up and I was lucky enough to escape the clutches of evenmore records that wanted to be bought. This is what I got today: (more…)

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