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Today the final round of summer tournament of the Japanese high schools started at Koushien stadium in Osaka. I really don’t have the insight on which school might be a favourite to win the whole thing this year since there are so many changes on the teams each year, mainly because the students graduate and new players will come to the teams with each school year. But because the tournament started today I found a new anme series which is airing on TBS in Japan at the moment. It’s called “Ookiku Furikabutte” and just as other school animes it’s about a high school baseball team that is aiming to go to Koushien at least once in their three years at high school. It is set in Saitama and tells the Story of Mihashi Ren, the pitcher for Nishiura High School. He always thought that his spot on the team of his Middle School was because his grandfather was the manager of the baseball club. (more…)

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