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That was fun to watch. I wasn’t able to connect to the Red Sox stream today so instead I tuned in to the Yankees game against the White Sox. The match started rather boring with nothing happening in the 1st inning but then things changed. First Yankees starter Roger Clemens was roughed up by the White Sox offense in what turned out to be an 8 run top 2nd inning and then in the bottom of the 2nd White Sox starter John Garland was also pounded and in the end after that inning the score was 8-8. (more…)


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There was a test match before the start of the new season yesterday. Borussia Dortmund payed a visit to 5th division team SCB Viktoria Cologne. Lots of those matches take place in the pre-season, as I might call it. Most of them are just show offs for smaller clubs, the big shots of the 1st division Bundesliga don’t always play with their best team, but it is a chance to get to see your favourite every once in a while. (more…)

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