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For quite some time now the German Liga-Pokal officially starts off the new season. Rising from the ashes of the Fuji-Cup, a 4 Bundesliga-team competition which took place in small towns and villages it was established to promote the Bundesliga in the 1990s. At first 4 teams competed, then they changed the rules to six teams with two quarterfinals, semifinals and the final. There was no regular ground where it took place at first, then they gave it to Leverkusen, if I remember that correctly, it was also played in Mainz and now it’s situated in Leipzig. (more…)


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The summer break is over, at least on the lowest level of professional football in Germany. 3rd division teams played the first round of this season today. This contest will be a very special one since after this season there will be only one 3rd division (“3. Bundesliga”) instead of two which we have now. Because of that almost half of the teams will be relegated into the new “Regionalliga” which will have three conferences. Saying this it is obvious that there will be a lot of competition for the first 10 places in each 3rd divison this year. (more…)

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