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There are certain bands that accompany you for a long time of your life. Most of the time those bands are the ones’ you heard in your childhood. Those were the bands who played the first tunes you listenend to. At some point you get bored of those bands, in my case that would be Die Toten Hosen from Düsseldorf, one of the bands that sparked my interest for punk music. In the early 90s their sound was just too plain and common so I left them for good. There wasn’t anything left and I just didn’t see any point in buying their new records and up until this very day I don’t think I missed a thing. They are mainstream music nowadays, still important for the kids who might get into punk music via their records, but it’s just not my thing anymore. I still like the old records, but I just can’t get along with the new stuff. (more…)

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