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I neglected this record for a way too long time. The were nomerous occansions when I listened to this gem over and over again. And after listening to it I really felt better. It’s one of those records that really lift you up to the next level and give you strength and hope. AVAIL were one of those bands who managed to capture the intensity of everything hardcore and punkrock mean to me. (more…)


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FC Bayern Munich is the team you love to hate. They are Germany’s hold the record for the most championships in football, I believe they are record-winning cup champions as well, they have the most money, they (at least most of the time) have the best players. And what is most important, they win their matches. And for a long time they won almost each and every one of those games by a very small margin. Something that led people to speak about the so called “Bayern-Dusel” (roughly translated as “Bayern’s luck”). And, surprisingly they have to most “fans” in German football. (more…)

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