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Since A Modest Proposal got back together at the end of last year we reahearsed a lot more than during the previous two years. We even wrote new songs. And we even have a show we will play. Now that’s progress. Our record will be out this summer eventually after three long years and this has given us a boost when it comes to rehearsing. So Batman drove up from Mannheim on Sunday and we played for about three hours with the last 30 minutes being spend on recording a set of songs we would like to perform at our next gig. (more…)


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I will always be grateful to a good friend of mine who spent the past two years in Tokyo as an exchange student. he introduced me to a lot of new bands I had never heard of before and without him I had never had the chance to ever catch a glimpse of. One of those numerous (okay, I’m exaggerating, but there really has been a lot of them) bands is Uinona, a two-piece from Japan. Now my Japanese isn’t that good but from what it looks like on their homepage the band seems to be a) on a hiatus or b) out of order. Which is rather sad because the records are really great. (more…)

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