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I just found out via punkstelle.de that Walls Of Jericho will play in Cologne alogside German hardcore outfit Zero Mentality. That show will be in July and what’s best, it will be just around the corner from where I live so I can simply walk there. Now that’s something I like. (more…)


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The MLB draft can be seen on mlb.com at the moment and this whole event to me looks so set up. I mean, where’s the point in making such a huge fuss about this whole draft thing? I bet most of the organizations knew way before the start of this which player they want to draft for their team. So why have this stupid 5 minute breaks in between the seperate picks? Ah, wait, maybe it’s because of the commercial potential with all those commercial breaks. Then again, the commercials are quite funny, hehe. (more…)

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